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The first complete aftermarket tool for precise auto glass camera calibration. Opti-Aim from Pilkington is the industry's first aftermarket calibration tool for managing complex installations that demand precise, camera-ready accuracy. With Opti-Aim, you can stay current with emerging calibration opportunities and get your customers back on the road.

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By 2020, more than 44% of new auto glass production will include ADAS features.

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The camera calibration process can be complicated and different for every vehicle — but Opti-Aim makes the job simple and efficient. Once connected to the automobile, Opti-Aim begins the calibration process and works with the vehicle's computer to optimize camera alignment and restore it to OEM specifications.

Opti-Aim allows you to perform both static and dynamic calibrations with pinpoint accuracy and reliability. Static calibration can be done right in your shop, while dynamic calibration is done on the road using lane markers to align the camera.

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New revenue opportunities for complex ADAS auto glass jobs

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Capable of static and dynamic calibration as specified by OEMs

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Precision, reliability, and convenience for your customers

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One portable tool for any vehicle make and model

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