Every Pilkington EZ-KOOL® windshield has the following features:

  • Exceptional performance and OE Quality for all makes & models
  • Enhanced sealing system, finished edging and roof line symmetry to prevent wind noise & leaks
  • Helps control the heat energy entering your vehicle, decreasing the need for air conditioning and improving fuel efficiency
  • Eco-friendly – Made with 15% recycled glass to help reduce the energy required in manufacturing

Pilkington EZ-KOOL® ULTRA line of products combine all the best features (UV & infrared heat protection, sound reduction, precision hardware & moldings) to create a premium OE quality replacement windshield for select makes & models of vehicles

Protection Against UV Rays

  • Pilkington’s EZ-KOOL® line of products blocks up to 8x more UV light
  • Filters up to 99% of UV rays
  • Reducing the risk skin damage and sunburns
  • Protects your cars interior from sun damage

Reduction of Infared Heat Transmissions

  • Blocks up to 3x more infared light passing into the vehicle
  • Lowers interior cabin temperature by up to 40°F creating a more comfortable driving experience
  • A reduction of Infrared Heat Transmissions can also reduce skin irritation by up to 40%

Reduction of External Car and Road Noise

  • A special sound-insulating layer offers a quieter, more comfortable ride with less driver stress
  • Reduces low frequency sound such as engine noise by up to 68%
  • Reduces high frequency sound such as wind noise by up to 26%

Includes Add-on hardware for Easy & Proper Installation

  • Generic windshields may require installers to reuse old hardware off your damaged windshield. With EZ-KOOL® PLUS™ you can rest assured you are getting new hardware that functions properly

Protection Against Glass Distortion

  • Every part is quality-tested to ensure delivery of OEM quality glass for improved fit and performance
  • Our rigorous testing helps guarantee against glass distortion which accounts for driver fatigue, eye strain, headaches and overall optical distortion
  • Less glass distoration ensures a better, safer driving experience

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