Every Pilkington EZ-KOOL® windshield has the following features:

  • Exceptional performance and OE Quality for all makes & models
  • Enhanced sealing system, finished edging and roof line symmetry to prevent wind noise & leaks
  • Helps control the heat energy entering your vehicle, decreasing the need for air conditioning and improving fuel efficiency
  • Eco-friendly – Made with 15% recycled glass to help reduce the energy required in manufacturing

Pilkington EZ-KOOL® heat reducing, high performance automotive replacement glass offers unmatched value and comfort for drivers of all makes and models

Protection Against UV Rays

  • Pilkington’s EZ-KOOL® line of products blocks up to 8x more UV light
  • Filters up to 99% of UV rays
  • Reducing the risk skin damage and sunburns
  • Protects your cars interior from sun damage

Reduction of Infared Heat Transmissions

  • Blocks up to 3x more infared light passing into the vehicle
  • Lowers interior cabin temperature by up to 40°F creating a more comfortable driving experience
  • A reduction of Infrared Heat Transmissions can also reduce skin irritation by up to 40%

Protection Against Glass Distortion

  • Every part is quality-tested to ensure delivery of OEM quality glass for improved fit and performance
  • Our rigorous testing helps guarantee against glass distortion which accounts for driver fatigue, eye strain, headaches and overall optical distortion
  • Less glass distoration ensures a better, safer driving experience

Superior Stength and Engineering

  • The fabrication process of float glass was pioneered by Pilkington in 1952 and is used to produce the highest quality and strongest automotive glass in the market
  • Our float glass process ensures OE (original equipment) quality every time for improved fit an performance

Greater Fuel Economies and CO2 Reduction

  • Pilkington’s exclusive solar absorbing and solar reflective glazing can help reduce your vehicles cabin temperature, leading to increased efficiencies with faster AC cooling times and lower AC power usage that reduced fuel consumption and CO2 output

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